Nylah Nailed it 300-Piece Large Bermuda Map Floor Puzzle

The first of its kind! Our carefully designed large 100-piece jigsaw floor puzzle with a theme of our beautiful island home Bermuda, will keep kids busy and entertained. The best part is the endless educational opportunities our design provides. Let’s make learning fun!


Jigsaw puzzles are known to be beneficial for early childhood development. Puzzles foster strong problem-solving skills, hand eye coordination, present spatial awareness, build concentration muscles and allows for learning using trial and error. In addition to these amazing things, our carefully crafted design further educates your kid through identification of Bermuda landmarks, national treasures, and historic events and people in Bermuda’s history.

Explore the Island:  Included as part of a two-sided poster is a “Did you know?” fact sheet that highlights 36 common themes in Bermuda. For instance, did you know that parrotfish are responsible for the pink sand on the beaches of Bermuda? Yup, that’s right! After eating the algae found on our reefs and the red foraminifera that live on the reefs, these parrotfish poop out pink sand.

Kids can find what parish they live in, in relation to a friend or family member. Discover and explore the island through this puzzle but also in reality. Visit some or all these places to bring the experience full circle.

Screen-free Fun: A world consumed with the Covid pandemic has forced remote learning and excessive screen time. Our puzzles give kids time away from the computer and all other electronic devices.

Sturdy Storage Box: The durable 29.5 x 23.5 x 5cm storage box is an ideal place to keep pieces safe, together, and free from damage. It’s also great for gift giving!

It’s an easy to clean surface.

Size: 26 x 16 inches (66cm x 41cm)

Age: 9 Years old and up

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