We’re a mommy & daughter duo just wanting to share what has worked for us. All of our products are inspired by our day to day activities. Let’s make learning fun!

From Founder
The natural desires of a child’s willingness to learn should be met with an adult’s readiness to educate. Let our imagination meet that of our kids.
Our Story

Parenthood is a steep learning curve. Nylah Nailed it aims to assist parents with discovering new and creative ways to educate toddlers through to early adolescence. You can rely on us to offer innovative toys that encourage independent thinking, introduce concepts like “hard work pays off” using reward-based learning, as well as provide fun ways to educate youth about our island home, Bermuda. We design our own products and have them manufactured specifically with our kids in mind. We help make learning fun, both for children and parents.

– Owner: Nylah Bassett, Full time kid in Grade 1, part time superhero and dinosaur
– Founder: Kiara Somner, Full time mommy, part of the time doing it all!

What started out as simply aiming to foster self-confidence in my child, quickly took on a mind of its own. It was important to establish a network where parents can seek and share ideas, activities and recipes that make learning fun. Many people would reach out to us specifically requesting for us to try certain experiments, recipes, or activities on our YouTube channel. All of which we happily accepted. What you didn’t see behind the scenes were the methods used to nurture a high energy, outspoken and disciplined child. This is what has birthed a new venture of Nylah Nailed it – sharing what toys and methods have worked for us! We have created products that have worked well in our home, and we know it will be beneficial to yours as well. Our theme is always: Make learning fun! We believe that everything is a teachable moment. And truthfully, kids lead out in their own education if we take out the time to listen to them.


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